Sunine is a leading global laser coding and marking solutions provider,

providing effective laser marking machines for various production lines.

Sunine V5 Series Laser Marking Machine

Innovative V5 Laser Marking Software

Sunine's laser coders, equipped with the self-developed V5 marking software, provide a brilliant and user-friendly operating experience for accessible design and control and offer customization for unique customer products. They can generate complex codes and dynamic messages at high speeds, making them ideal for high print volumes in the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries.

CO2 Laser Marking Machine
CO2 laser coders are commonly used in high-speed marking production lines. Sunine's CO2 laser marking machines utilize advanced imported laser and are equipped with super high-speed galvanometer scanners, ensuring good stability and reliable performance.

FIBER Laser Marking Machine
The FIBER series laser marking machine can be easily installed in a limited space due to its compact and exquisite structure design. The product is mainly applied to high-speed and content-intense materials.

UV Laser Marking Machine

The UV series laser marking machine can be easily installed in a limited space because of its exquisite design. The product is mainly used in high molecular polyethylene materials, which is widely applied to daily chemical, beverage, food, pipe and other industries.

SUNINE Change Your Cognition
Laser marking systems can print high-quality markings on a variety of materials. Different combinations of specific wavelengths, print heads, and selected lenses will produce different marking effects on a given material. Work with a laser expert to determine the right specifications for your application. Sunine is dedicated to providing advanced and cost-effective laser marking machines and systems.
Customer Trust and Industry Experience
SUNINE has always won the trust of customers with integrity, innovation, professionalism, and service as a professional laser marking solutions provider. After more than ten years of experience in laser printing, our equipment is widely used in industries including automotive, mechanical, glass, steel, petrochemicals, art & craft, instrumentation, mold, hardware, aviation, electronics, pharmaceutical, food & beverage, pipe, cable, chemical for daily use for product identification.

Quality Control System

SUNINE has established a complete quality control system in the aspects of design, producing, assembling, testing, and packaging to ensure the performance and quality of each machine.

Comprehensive Solutions and Commitment

Sunine provides comprehensive solutions for all applications with reliable, high-quality products, timely technical support, after-sales service, and its commitment to helping customers protect and promote their brands.

Sunine technology allows customers to meet all identification, traceability, personalization,

and signage needs with an extensive range of standard and customized laser coding and laser marking systems.

Application of the laser marking machines
Wire, Cables & Pipe
SUNINE has the plenty of experience of coding solutions in wire, cable and pipe industries maximize the productivity of your operations.
SUNINE has the capability of provide high speed solution and also understands the importance of the protection to the laser system in high condensation environments.
The food industry requires a diverse range of coding and marking solutions. SUNINE has a wide range of solutions of coding and printing technologies in the food packaging.
SUNINE laser printing solution can help you protect your brand, increase operational efficiency productivity. Also help you to meet legislative requirements across global markets.

SUNINE provides indelible marks on a variety of substrates at high production line speeds. These products offer a number of advantages including high quality marks, permanence and fewer consumables.

SUNINE understands the special requirements for manufacturing pharmaceuticals and helps our customers to meet the legislative requirements and build the GQTS.

Our customers more

Empowering Manufacturers with Expert Laser Solutions and Premium Service

Sunine Laser devote to provides expert advice, tips, and resources. We have received widespread acclaim in various industries, offering premium service and earning an excellent reputation from customers such as Yili (FIBA Basketball World Cup global partner), Mengniu (NBA official marketing partner), P&G, Unilever, RedBull, Gaten, Doublemint, Nestle, CR SANJIU, and more.

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